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At the 5th Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival 2020/2021 in Beijing / China & Paris / France , „LE CIEL, LA TERRE ET L’HOMME“ was awarded the best feature documentary! 

„LE CIEL, LA TERRE ET L’HOMME“ conveys impressions of the perpetually windswept Moroccan desert, as well as of the people living there. We encounter Ahmed, Yussef, Lahcen, and Idir, follow their stories and witness their daily lives, their desires and their sense of belonging.

Film facts

Production Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg © 2018
Genre Documentary
Duration 70 Min.
Original language Tamazirt, Arabic, with English, French, German, Italian or Spanish subtitle

Protagonists Yussef, Ahmed Hamri, Yussef Aridall, Lahcen Aridall, Idir Akrouch, Ahmed

Director & Author Caroline Reucker
Producer Caroline Reucker, Götz Reinicke
DoP David Finn
Editor Isabella Kohl, Caroline Reucker
Sound Designer Volker Armbruster
Music Composer Moritz Laux, Max Clouth
Logistics Thomas Friedrich
Color Grading Gavin Haughey, Peter Hacker
Interpreter  Mohand Oubachour, Lahcen Oubachour
Translator Veronika Somnitz